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Hello! We are a community of people who love God and desire to glorify Him.

Hello! We are acommunityof people wholove Godand desire toglorifyHim.

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The Wisdom of Learning from Solomon

[first published in the monthly congregational Notes, for January, 2018.]

When given an opportunity to ask something from God at the beginning of his reign it must have seemed to the young Solomon that he was presented with an open cheque book!! (See 1 Kings 3). I am sure that asking for riches and honour and all the trappings usually associated with power crossed his mind. After all, he was inheriting the throne of his father David, and he had been blessed in this way. Surely if Solomon has still more, there is no doubt that other nations would have to sit up and take notice of Israel’s God!! Instead, he prayed asking for, “an understanding heart to judge Your people, that I may discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of yours.” He was moved to prioritise the possession of wisdom…continue reading

Face to Face With Jesus

[first published in the monthly congregational “Notes” for December, 2017]

Christmas time is an occasion for catching up with old friends, renewing family links and sharing news, and generally being sociable. We’ll send emails, annual letters, photos and Christmas cards to folk we have not seen for years, and phone lines will run hot. And, if we cannot be with those we love directly there’s always “face time” (or its many proprietary variations) which is the nearest thing to being there. We should be thankful that courtesy of technology, distance is no hindrance to personal communication. But of course, nothing beats seeing our loved ones “face to face” where we can share tangible things such as food, personal hugs, the sound of our voices and the joys of simply being in someone’s presence. For a few days, at least, the world becomes a smaller, friendlier place. Wars…continue reading

Finding Safety in Deep Water

[first published in the monthly congregational “Notes” for November, 2017]

I recently saw some remarkable footage from Northern Ontario, Canada, of a wolf trying to attack and kill a moose. The moose was out in reasonably shallow water where presumably it had been enjoying the peace and quiet when the wolf dived in from the shore. The wolf was very nimble but for a while the moose faced up to it successfully. The wolf kept backing up, but the process risked drawing the moose closer to the shore where the water was shallower, and where the wolf had the advantage of manoeuvrability.

Eventually, and while in the water, the wolf was able to latch on to the moose behind one of its front legs in a way that it was very difficult for the moose to dislodge it. If the moose went on to the land, it would surely lose…

continue reading

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