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Hello! We are a community of people who love God and desire to glorify Him.

Hello! We are acommunityof people wholove Godand desire toglorifyHim.

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On Preparing for One’s Death (Part 3)

[first published in the monthly congregational Notes, for July, 2018.]

In Parts 1 & 2, we covered our relationship to God in Jesus Christ, how we should live, and our relationships with others. When we understand and embrace these truths, our preparation is essentially done—now go on and live to the glory of God, at peace and without fear! However there are things that will happen after our death which will involve others, and some forethought now may help them when the time comes.

Although wills are read after one dies, they are written beforehand. Having one implies that there is property to be distributed and because “the love of money is a root of all evil,” (1 Tim 6:10) they can be a source of great division and argument. Marriage being what it is, it seems to us that unless there are some special circumstances the great bulk…continue reading

On Preparing for One’s Death (Part 2)

[first published in the monthly congregational “Notes” for June, 2018]

Last time we considered the first step in preparing for death—making sure that our trust in Christ for the forgiveness of our sins is firmly grounded in his saving work on the cross. What then in the meantime? Death may be years away; only the Lord knows!! Jesus’ words on the end times are appropriate here too, “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect” (Matt 24:44). Wesley said of the early Methodists, “Our people die well,” and that can be true of all believers.

What is it to be ready? We can draw some parallels from considering the plans we might make for a journey to another country. We have our passports and tickets, but what then? We may take some time to study something of…continue reading

On Preparing for One’s Death (Part 1)

[First published in the monthly congregationl “Notes” for May, 2018.]

There is sometimes a superstitious fear regarding death, as if talking about it or even preparing for it might somehow hasten its coming! And it is because of this fear that many are uncomfortable in making wills or having simple discussions about possible funeral arrangements. If we fail to do these things out of fear, it is really just another aspect of selfishness, because it serves to make things far worse for loved ones when the time comes. Thankfully the Christian, whose faith is grounded in the grace and sovereignty of God, is delivered from all superstitious fears so we can talk about our arrangements in peace. While we do not know the number of our days, God does, and He is not superstitious!! If we can help take away the stress on those we love, we surely should want…continue reading

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