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Hello! We are a community of people who love God and desire to glorify Him.

Hello! We are acommunityof people wholove Godand desire toglorifyHim.

Come and join us! We have two services each Sunday, at 11am and 7pm. More information about what we do...

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The Danger of Drifting in 2017

[first published in the monthly congregational Notes, for January, 2017.]

Perhaps you have heard the joke about the generous, but none-too-bright, fisherman. After years of patient failure, he finally struck success, pulling in fish after fish! Being a generous fellow, he quickly motored back to the shore to share the good news with his friends. “Are you sure you will be able to get back to the same spot?” they asked. “Easy,” he said, smiling. “I’ve marked the spot with a big marker.” And with that, he showed his friends a large freshly-painted white ‘X’ on the side of his boat! We smile, confident that no-one would be so stupid, but in many ways that is what happens when a Christian measures one’s growth and maturity by anything other than the objective measure of the Word of God.

The early Corinthian Church had that problem: at least, they…continue reading

Join us Christmas Morning at 10am!

YES, this year the morning service will be at 10.00am, instead of the usual time. Come along and worship with us.

The Gift of Christian Armour

[First published in the monthly congregational Notes, for December, 2016]

The church Christmas card this year features a picture from the eastern stained glass window—a young man dressed in armour. The window’s caption, “Stand fast in the faith” is drawn from a portion of 1 Cor. 16:31 with the exhortation to be strong and brave, [literally, act like men!] and the artwork surely is intended to turn our mind to Ephesians 6:10-20 where the apostle Paul lists the Christian’s full set of God-given armour for the fight against all the cunning of the evil one and his followers.

The artist has clearly taken some liberties, as all art must. The soldier gazes dreamily heaven-ward and his armour is bathed in a golden light (either that, or it is foolishly made of gold and too soft for any real use!). The sword is longer and finer…continue reading

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