Hawthorn Presbyterian Church

A Life of Extraordinary Ordinariness

[first published in the congregational Notes for March, 2014.]

It was the great Baptist missionary, William Carey, who gave us the quote, “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” That motto undergirded his extraordinary achievements, the social effects of which are still being felt in Indian society today, even if much of his gospel emphasis has been lost. But what of the many other godly Christian men and women in Carey’s day? Were they guilty of avoiding the hard issues in their own lives? Did they “expect great thing from God?” Did they “attempt great things for God” by staying home and continuing to go about their ordinary daily lives? It is a fair question. Some are very quick to say, “No, they did not. They should have gone as well. They lacked faith and obedience.” Well, that might have been true of some, but we cannot say it of all.

It seems to me that there is often a great pressure on Christians these days to do “great things for God.” Perhaps you too have felt that pressure, and are wondering what it really is that you should do for God so that HE would count it as great service? All that you have seems so small and insignificant! But we must be careful in our definition of “great things” and we need to be instructed by God, and not by the world or by our own pride-prone hearts. So consider for a moment the gospel greatness that you already have. Listen to the great list in the book of Ephesians.

You already have every spiritual blessing in Christ. You already have obtained the promise of an inheritance to the praise of His glory, and your life is marked by the particular love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in beautiful, regenerating harmony. That, by definition, is extra-ordinary! You have a new perspective on eternal things. You are blessed to be the focus of the prayers of others. You have been lovingly and willingly gathered into the membership of His Church, a body that transcends nationality, language, culture and time. [see chapters 1-3]

So what now? Surely there could be no greater set of blessings that all this! Nothing could prepare us more for achieving “great things!” But what instructions are given in chapters 4 to 6? What “great things” does the Lord Jesus ask of all Christians?

The list is extraordinary in its ordinariness! The Christian life is to prioritize living with one another in humility and patience, letting love for the other govern actions and more importantly, reactions. It must love truth, and resist false teaching and all forms of ungodly speech. It seeks honest work and opportunities for generosity. It is marked by contentment. It says no to sexual immorality and seeks to encourage one another in love and in godly callings, recognizing that while all are called to the same goal of Christian maturity, not everyone is called to the same areas of service. It exalts marriage and all honourable human relationships, and seeks to pass on the same understanding of grace and blessing to the generations rising up under it. It looks only to God for its defence and vindication, even in extreme temptation.

Surely these are ‘great things’. But someone will say, “What about mission or great social programs that will last for generations?” Yes, you must always be obedient to the callings God clearly places before you wherever they might be, but it is one of Satan’s lies that your regular Christian life at the office water-cooler or the lounge-room at home is somehow less than extra-ordinary and therefore nothing special. Remember, an obedient, faithful, Christian life is extra-ordinary wherever it is lived! God’s ordinary way of working is to show His strength through human weakness. Those who stayed behind and prayed and gave partnered with Carey in what he did. They also expected great things, but the success was all of God! Extraordinary!

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