Hawthorn Presbyterian Church

The Deadly Temptation to Independence!

[first published in the monthly congregational Notes for October, 2017]

It is a mark of our time in many parts of the West, that “everyone does what is right in their own eyes” (as in Judges 21:25!!) and is encouraged to keep on doing so. We are told that to be really “mature” and “independent” we must break away from past values and choose our own boundaries. This, we are told, is truly “coming of age”. Independence of this sort eventually leads to social isolation and fragmentation, and one fears that unless we break away from this foolish notion, all that our civilisation has accumulated over the centuries will quickly be lost. One natural reaction is to clamp down on all expressions of independence in order to keep what we have, perhaps even to take away freedoms altogether, as happens in dictatorships (which is often the only way in which societies can hold together). But independence does not have to lead to fragmentation if we follow God’s model for society: the family.

The Bible tells parents to expect and facilitate a godly sense of “independence”. Children are to grow up expecting that in the normal course of events they can leave mother and father and cleave to husband or wife, forming another “independent unit” in the process (Gen 2:24). But this independence was never intended to be absolute (just as new branches on a tree are not separate from the branches before them) nor was it ever intended to facilitate the misuse of power and authority. We are all saddened at that “independence” which breaks families (and marriages) apart, even as we recognise that sometimes it is the only possible avenue for relief.

The Devil exercised a rebellious independence and was cast out of heaven and condemned. He hates all that is good, and therefore hates the family structure, and does all he can to pervert it. He did this in Eden when he persuaded Adam and Eve that the path to true maturity lay in disobeying God and acting on their own. He argued that their “dependence” was belittling, that they should assert themselves in order to show that they were truly created in the image of God. “Was God independent? Then it was only fitting that they should be so as well!” Sadly they were persuaded; deceived into adopting a false understanding of “independence” and that the forewarned consequence of disobedience (death) was an unfair restriction.

The temptations the Devil pressed upon Jesus were in temptations to be “independent”. He should rebel against the Spirit who compelled him to go into the desert, by feeding himself his own way (Matt 4:3). He should repudiate the way of the cross and conquer death miraculously (vv. 5-6). He should win the world in an instant without the aid of the Spirit by a single act of worship (v. 8). Thankfully, Jesus did not succumb. He understood that the Devil’s temptations to him in his humanity were dedicated to destroying his role as perfect man and saviour. Jesus did not need to repudiate the Father’s plan of redemption in order to validate himself. He did not need to reject the infilling of the Spirit in order to validate his identity. As God he did not fear that dependence on His Father’s will somehow lessened his deity or his co-equality!

Jesus demonstrated that depending upon God does not destroy true identity but affirms it. As God’s creation, our highest and best identity is found in being what we were created to be, but Adam’s independence has made that humanly unattainable. In Adam, all die—physically and eternally because independence from God is sin and the wages of sin is death. True life, eternal and spiritual is only possible through the free grace of God. By definition, grace is something we cannot merit and no-one can merit it for us except Jesus, because he has been appointed by the Father to be our substitute: His died for us, and his resurrected life is for us.

So, dear reader, when the Gospel calls you to surrender your independence and follow him, do not refuse it! You are being called to receive a new identity graciously given forever! And dear Christian reader, note too that Jesus has demonstrated that the only sure defence against all ongoing temptations to independence is faithful submission to the Word of God.

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