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Saying “YES” to Marriage by Voting “NO”

[first published in the monthly congregtional “Notes” for September, 2017.]

In just a few weeks after this editorial is published, Australian voters will know if the High Court will allow Australians the opportunity to express an opinion on changes to the law which would allow same-sex relationships to be regarded as “marriages”. If government comments are any guide, we will likely be asked for a simple “Yes” or “No” even though the matter is much more complicated than that. I will be voting “No” in line with the Biblical view of marriage as a fundamental Creation ordinance for the good of ALL of society, not just Christians, and in line with many statements on marriage and on homosexuality issued by the Presbyterian Church over the years. [More could be said, but this column has limits on space. As a beginning, see https://pcacan.org/index.php/current-issues/same-sex-marriage and the Moderator’s comments under https://www.presbyterian.org.au ]

Some who argue for a “yes” tell us that the changes will not affect existing marriages at all—it is merely changing a word. But it is naïve and untrue to see the change as nothing more than changing a word. Words have meaning. A circle cannot be called a square unless the basic definition of circle-ness is changed and the meaning of square-ness denied. Similarly with marriage: heterosexual and homosexual relation-ships cannot be declared identical unless difference is denied. With the change of definition will come social affirmation, so that there no-longer will be any public distinction allowable for Christians without threat of penalty. Such times may come anyway, but Christians should not willingly vote for a situation where the freedom to declare God’s word on an issue depends on the will of government!

Because of that, it is surprising to me, and sad, to read of Christians arguing that the best way forward for Gospel witness to our community is to vote “Yes”. No doubt the motive is a desire to be compassionate and loving, to keep relationships open and preserve social harmony in a secular society by living out the so-called Golden Rule. These hopes are good but can surely be present in those who advocate “No” as well! After all, the best, loving, compassionate good for our neighbour (& society generally) is always to urge them to follow God’s morality. And on this matter, the State is even asking our opinion, so of course we should tell them! Yes, God is sovereign, but gospel witness is never furthered by deliberately legitimizing sin.

Jesus himself re-affirmed marriage as a creation ordinance [Mk 10:6-9] and much, much more than “two people who love each other”, so sooner or later our evangelism will have to bite the bullet and say, “Well if you come to Jesus Christ, not only He will ask you not to treat your relationship as a marriage, but He will ask you to live without it!” What will we say when someone asks, “Then why did you vote to let me get into this mess?” How much more complicated will life and society be when such relationships have to be un-done! It is true that these problems already exist to some extent because under our law same-sex relationships have been already accorded a whole raft of rights and privileges [was the vote was quietly lost then?? I think so.] but we should not compound the problem.

Christians also know the deeper issue is the deliberate attempt to eradiate all reminders of God from society’s public space, even though many may not consciously be aware of it. Ever since Eden, and under the guise of human freedom (Rom 1) mankind has sought out ways to reject God’s right to decree morality, and the marriage issue is merely the current battle-front. Many who have adopted the glib line that marriage is simply a human right for “two people who love each other” do not see this wider spiritual connection and would be upset at the notion that they are being deceived. Nevertheless, we must lovingly remind them of what deep down, they know to be true: God does exist, and His law is right. Then, we must tell of his merciful forgiveness in Christ for the times that they, and we ourselves too, have transgressed.

So, Christian, be strong in your own understanding of marriage, whether that is a memory, your current state, or your aspiration. Find your model in Christ, and stay close to Him. And if the Law does change, fear not, because Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33)!

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