Hawthorn Presbyterian Church

The Witness of Stones

[First published in the monthly congregational “Notes” for March, 2018.]

When Joshua led Israel across the flooded Jordan (which God miraculously parted) he took twelve large stones from the riverbed and built a monument so that future generations would be reminded of God’s great and gracious provision for them (see Josh 4:1-7 & 19-24). There could be no excuses: the stones would “speak” and would continue to, even if people no longer wished to listen. In fact, because it was made out of river stones, the only way of “silencing” the monument would be to destroy it.

I was reminded of this event while taking two weeks visiting the city and University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. This memory did not come because the city takes its name from a river crossing (which it does) but because of the testimony of so many old stone buildings and memorials built since the University had its origin in the early 1200s. Many of these buildings were constructed as churches or chapels, or had other (Christian) religious uses. Although some were initiated by motives that were not entirely selfless, it is without question that they were also built to stand as monuments to the glory of God who is the foundation of all life and learning. These old stones still “speak” to those who will hear, even though, sadly, many who sit in them or pass by them every day seem to be wilfully deaf to their witness.

One day, these Cambridge stones will cry out in rebuke to those who think that real learning has somehow rendered the glory of God fit only for the tourist or the quaint world of myths. It must be our prayer that before that Final Day comes, spiritual ears (and eyes and hearts) will be opened and their testimony heeded. God is indeed the source and ground of all Truth there is to know, and we will be greatly blessed if our halls of learning once again return to their Christian foundation.

The testimony of such stones is not only metaphoric. Jesus knew that should God give them the opportunity and power, the stones of the Jerusalem streets would cry out in witness to who He was (Luke 19:39-40). No doubt if it could speak, the stone which sealed Jesus’ tomb could also bear powerful witness of the resurrection!

But we should not only pray for the witness of historic buildings to be heeded even though such prayers can also include the witness of our own building to the people of Hawthorn. God has appointed that there are other “stones” to speak to the world in which we live: “living stones”, men, women and children with lives built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the testimony of prophets and apostles (1 Pet 2:5 & Eph 2:19-22). Unlike physical buildings that can fall and decay, Christ’s spiritual house lasts forever. Christian, this includes you! There is a sense in which Christ Himself by His Holy Spirit has dragged you out of the mud, washed and shaped you and set you on a great foundation along with many others so that together you might sing His praise and be a living memorial to Him. He has joined you in the Church so that each one’s needs, challenges and fears give the perfect list of how to pray for one another.

So, O Reader whoever you are, do you listen to the stones? Despite the fashion of the age, our great universities are witness that there is NO incompatibility between deep learning and the Christian faith. It is the atheist who is deaf and blind!

Listen also to the witness of the living stones around you as they point away from themselves and this world to its Redeemer! No these are not yet perfect and their building “unfinished” but do not be deceived by that; one day it will be perfect, and anyone not part of that building will be consigned to God’s eternal rubbish dump.

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